Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Week @ Locust Hill UMC: Make Room: Week 2

We will continue our series this Sunday called "Make Room." We have been talking about taking intentional time each day to Make Room to pray, read scripture, and time for reflection. As a model for us we have been encouraging folks to commit to praying the Wesleyan Covenant prayer each day. Our scripture this Sunday is where the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray. Jesus reminds us of some core principles about prayer. First prayer is not about "me." We are not just to pray for those we know but also for our neighbors. We might not know them but prayer calls us to be outward thinking. Second prayer is about taking a posture of one that believes that "the Lord is our Help." We can not afford to sit around all day complaining about how bad the world is. Sure it is bad and crazy out there and in response to this Christians are to pray "Lord, save us!" We long to have a deep hope despite the perpetual bad news we hear that God is still bring about heaven here on earth (Jesus said it.. not me). Last prayer is a call to action. We might say "we just need to pray" but Jesus reminds us that if you don't have bread at 2am and you need it... go knock on the neighbors door to get some. It isn't merely enough to pray for it. If you pray for peace yet hate your brother and sister... there should be some cause for concern. If you pray for those who don't have any food yet judge them and never support your local food pantry... Jesus reminds us that prayer is a call to action. It isn't merely to be satisfied with "we need to pray." Prayer requires we respond to God's empowering grace. Jesus' ministry of healing, redeeming, teaching, saving, etc., was a response to his prayers. We can sit around all day talking about how the world needs to change, talk about who we need to elect for president of the US, talk about this and that our church needs to do, but if we bypass prayer... "Lord, Help us."