Thursday, July 28, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: Make Room

What kind of life are we working towards? Is it a life that is focused more on "me"? A life about what "me" wants? Each week we come together and we participate in worship through the liturgy. This word means "work of the people." What we are working towards each and every Sunday is a deep connectedness with God and one another. This work is not just on Sunday or isolation but it is each and everyday and each places we find ourselves. Each day we are tempted to spend our lives on "us" forsaking all who get in the way. Tempted to listen to the voice that calls us guilty and unforgiven. The Wesleyan Covenant  prayer begins by saying "I am no longer my own, but thine...let me be employed for thee... laid aside for thee..." In other words let each and every moment of our lives be about God and not us. Let each voice we hear be from God and not the adversary. 
Our scripture from Luke this week talks about two brothers who are spending much emotional capital over a disagreement about inheritance. Both of them living in the abundance of "I am right" and "they are wrong." They are willing to forsake their very own familial, brotherly relationship in this case. Jesus calls it for what it is. They are greedy. They are both focused more on themselves and their own voice rather than what truly mattered. 

How often has our own work resulted not in abundance but in a lesser love of God and a lesser love of one another? Jesus' calling is to let our work be about the kind of life that he calls us too. This life in every direction seeks peace and communion with all and strongly forsakes any such thing that might get in the way. This is what our liturgy is about. It is what we aim each and every Sunday to respond and take with us and to make room for. 

Looking forward to being shaped yet again to being shaped by such liturgy!