Thursday, July 7, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: Favorites: Words that Changed Your Life

For years Christians have needed heart by-pass surgery. We are often plagued with the infection of complacency and half-heartedness. Christian's have tried to live with half a heart committed to Jesus while the other half focuses on one's own life. Sure we have managed to function but we all know the diagnosis of living with half a heart. 

This week our reading comes from Jeremiah 24. We are told that someone has left on the temple steps some fresh figs and some one has left some inedible figs. A side note... this food was there for the priest and the community not merely as an offering to rot in the hot sun (just like our offering on Sunday is used for funding the mission of the Church). I would imagine both people worked hard to pick the figs, fending off the bugs, cleaning the figs off, placing them in a basket, and then bringing them to the temple. Both also knew whether there figs were good or bad. Both put in a good amount of work. What is amazing is that the person that worked so hard to pick the inedible figs still brought them as an offering. Who would do that? Maybe our intentions are good but good intentions might not matter if the end result of eating the figs can't even be accomplished. 

I guess the question for us is what kind of figs are we bringing? Some of us attend worship on Sunday morning. That is it. We have done it for years. We have listened to hundreds of sermons. It is what we do. Every. Single. Sunday. We don't pray. We don't read the bible. We don't serve others. We say we give God our whole hearts but our lives  say something quite opposite of that. This is what it looks like to bring inedible figs. Sure there is effort involved but God doesn't want effort. God doesn't want good intentions. God wants your heart! All of it! He wants every minute of every day! Yes every minute! What kind of figs are your bringing to the table?