Thursday, June 16, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: Favorites: The God of the Beggar

We have all been stopped at a red light and outside our car stood a person holding a sign asking for food and money. There is a voice in our head that says "don't look at them" and "don't give them anything." When we were young we were taught not to look at a homeless person. But why? Is there some a fear that if we looked at them we might be moved by their situation and circumstance or feel compelled to give them something. 

Or quite possibly is it the fear that we have way more in common with that homeless person outside our car than we thought but the only difference is that they wear their vulnerabilities and sins while we hide ours. 

Every time we come to take Holy Communion we come as a beggar. Every time we come to the altar we come kneeling like a beggar. In this action we are saying that I need something greater than myself. I need a God that understands me and has compassion. I need a God that has mercy and doesn't look away. 

Sunday we will be reading from Mark 1 where Jesus encounters a lepor begging and kneeling before Jesus....yearning for Jesus to make him well. Jesus doesn't play by our rules... in fact Jesus is drawn to us when we long for his healing and salvation. We are told our God made this man well. Restored not only his body but his life. 

Looking forward diving deeper this Sunday!