Thursday, May 5, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: So that they may be ONE

Seeking unity is hard. In fact seeking division is much, much easier. Unity is not logical and it does not make sense. We are tempted to think of unity as embracing the same but that is just to easy. Jesus calls us to seek Unity to with people who see and experience the world differently than we do. It doesn't mean we agree but we sure do seek to understand and listen. In our toxic political climate we are told to run far from Unity. Claim your side. Claim your territory and defend it! 

This is the context that we hear Jesus' longing, yearning, almost begging that they may be one. It is within this held, worked for, fought for Unity that the world will know who Jesus is. It won't be by our signs in front of our church, our evangelistic tracks... Much more it will be in our Unity. It will be in the surprising fact that folks who see the world through different lenses and experiences are somehow able to live in community with one another and love one another. Imagine that...