Thursday, April 21, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: Unsung Heroes: Deborah

We are in our final week in our series called "Unsung Heroes." We have been exploring some of the biblical characters that get lost in the shadows yet they play integral roles in the larger narratives. I think we are at times tempted to float through life. We might think that are lives aren't anything special so why change the way we might live. What we might have discovered these last few weeks is what made these characters so heroic was nothing special. It was simply a willingness to say yes to God's power and a deep rooted belief that God could work through them. 

This week we will be looking at the life of Deborah. We meet her in Judges. She is sandwiched between much unfaithfulness. She is confronted with a large obstacle that could easily overtake her but it doesn't. It doesn't because she believes in God and that God would take care of her. We will spend a lot of time this Sunday talking about our own obstacles as individuals and as a community of faith. We sometimes want to run away from our obstacles or ignore them all of which are bad strategies. Instead we learn through the life of Deborah to confront them. Confront them with God's steadfast power and believe that God will go with us in tackling the obstacles that are in front of us. 

Looking forward!