Wednesday, April 6, 2016

This Sunday at Locust Hill UMC: Unsung Heroes Week 2

"Here I am, Lord!" There are no words that better describe what it is like to step off an edge of a cliff with the full confidence that God will catch you. You sure hope. They are words that say, "Lord I am fully available to you without reserve and do with me what YOU will." They are words that relinquish our control and open up new possibilities that are out of our control. This seems some what antithetical because we spend most of our lives not losing control but instead trying to gain it.

This week our unsung hero is Ananias. Ananias played a big part in Saul's transformation journey to Damascus. Ananias displayed commitment, courage, and character in his willingness to go to someone who was known by many Christian's as dangerous and on a mission to bring some Christ followers back to Jerusalem. Despite what he knew.... he was willing to trust God and say "Here I am, Lord." 

We spend our lives vying for control, wavering in our commitments, our Character rooted in ideas that are so called "Christian", and weighing our courage with personal benefit. We have lost the capacity as a Christian people to honestly say  "Here I am, Lord." Maybe it is because we feel we lose control or maybe we are scared that God will fail us.

We forsake a really great redemptive story when we lose our way in owning these four words and we lose them for something that isn't redemptive at all and only benefits us. If anything this week may we relearn from Ananias the ability to say "Here I am, Lord."