Thursday, March 10, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: LIFE in Suffering

Life is the last thing that comes to our minds when we suffer. For some of us we are in a season of suffering. Maybe it has been one thing after another and you are barely able to keep your head above water. Many of us if we had our choice we would steer far away from suffering! Or when we do suffer our aim is to cope and to act like everything is just fine and dandy.

This week we will read from the gospel of John where Jesus dines at the home of Lazarus and Mary wipes the feet of Jesus with very costly spice and oil called spikenard. As we round the corner to Easter we begin to see a theme. As we begin to reflect on Jesus' journey to the cross... we experience a Jesus that doesn't turn away from suffering but in a more viceral way turn towards it and all the while the disiples are in avoidance Mary's actions embrace this journey. Even Paul in his supposed last days longs to know the power of Christ's resurrection but also longs to know Christ in his suffering. 

Suffering has this way of testing the viability of our souls. It has this way of testing our belief in "is Jesus really who he says he is?" As Martha just chapter earlier was asked, "Is Jesus really the resurrection and the life?" And what stories do you hold on to that will journey with you in the midst of your suffering? For Mary and Martha this person was sitting at the table eating... Lazaurs who was dead and is now alive! Maybe Mary knew something that we didn't. Maybe in the midst of looming death their was a possibilty for life to spring up in the most unusual of ways. Maybe she was the only one listening. 

So my friend as we engage in the truth of this scripture may we find some hope to hold on to. Whatever you are going through will not get the last word. Life will!