Thursday, March 17, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: Lessons from a Donkey

Okay... so you might have been doing this Christian thing for a very long time. I am guessing that you have probably heard this Palm Sunday story a thousand times. It has most likely become cliche and normative. The story I am speaking of is where Jesus asks his disciples to go retrieve a young, un-ridden donkey for him to triumphantly ride into Jerusalem. The donkey part of this story has me scratching my head. I hear his disciples thinking, "You want us to get a what? A donkey?" Something seems strange about his request. Don't get me wrong...donkeys serve a great role but the one thing they are not known for is being used for the procession of a king. The prophets prophesied that this would take place but the question still resides why is King Jesus strolling in on a donkey? 

When I think of a king I think of prestige and one who separates themselves from the people. Yet Jesus doesn't do this instead he rides a donkey and his seat and path are made by the cloaks of those calling "Hosanna, Hosanna" which translates "save us, help us." Just a few months ago we were singing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" which Emmanuel translates "God with us." Our God is not far off but much more our God walks with us. From the birth and to his death we see Emmanuel. Jesus doesn't come with an an entourage or an army instead he simply rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. Yet again we are given this glimpse of who our God is. He doesn't come to Lord his power of us but to use it in away to save us and redeem us. Looking forward in discovering some more lessons from the donkey.