Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: Easter Changes Everything!

"Easter Changes Everything" sounds great on paper and most of us would shout a resounding "AMEN" to that! We affirm the truth of the resurrection each and every time we gather to worship together, but the question lingers what does it mean for our life? Where is the resurrection lurking in my own journey? 

Much of Christianity is a mystery. No matter how hard we try... we can not master or completely understand what the resurrection possibly means. This sounds somewhat incredible because we affirm the resurrection day in and day out and we celebrate year and year out the resurrection on Easter. We just might think we should have this thing called resurrection mastered but we don't. What is most beautiful and majestic about this is that we don't have to understand it. 

Take in the beauty of a flower. You see that flower and it moves you. You don't have to understand the complexities and the mysteries of a flower for it to move you.  The beautiful truth found in this is that the mystery doesn't diminish your experience any less. That is the resurrection. It is really hard to explain something being dead for three days then coming back to life. Yet when that happens we are able to name it. We like Mary after seeing the risen Lord are able to say "I have seen the Lord." Where have you seen the Risen Lord? Resurrection is all around us. Maybe we haven't named it but it is. Resurrection changes everything not just 2000 years ago but here and now in every day places. The quest is not to merely understand the resurrection but it more so to long to see the resurrection at work in our common life together!