Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: The BIG Five: GIFTS

What do you do well? What gives you life? I'd imagine for each of us the answer varies much. For some of you it is writing a letter to encourage someones spirit. For others it might be sewing or knitting something for someone. For others of us it might be leading, teaching, administration etc,. 

Did you know that God has blessed you with these gifts. Have you ever thought about that? God gave you gifts so that you can be a blessing to others. 

One of the Big 5's is being loyal to Christ and his Church by your gifts. We offer ourselves and our gifts each and every Sunday. We might look at our offering as merely about giving money, but that is in the least what it is about. Each and every week we offer ourselves and our gifts to God again asking him to bless them and use them for HIS glory. No gift is left without this beautiful blessing. 

When Paul was speaking to the Corinthians in his first letter chapter 12 he reminds us that there are many gifts that reside in the body of Christ. He also reminds us to be aware of the end. The end is God. The end is blessings. He reminds us that the temptation is to use our gifts as better than others. When we do this our gifts lose their end. Our reminder is that God has gifted EACH of us uniquely. Empowered us all by his Spirit. May we be reminded of this truth this Sunday. You are gifted. It means something. What you do with this wonderful gift matters! 

Looking Forward to journeying together this Sunday!