Monday, February 22, 2016

The Big Five: UNlearn

Yesterday we talked about what it means to be committed to Christ and his church by way of service. Jesus demonstrated that service is not what we do but it is who we are. Our savior demonstrated quite profoundly a life of service. Paul said he emptied himself and became nothing. He was willing to release his control, banish his assumptions, and dismantle the typical for a better way of living and he calls us to do the same.

The most difficult part of this journey is unlearning the ways we were taught to live. Sometimes when I am stopped at the stop light there is a homeless person with a cardboard sign asking for money. I was taught not to look at the person and to act like they were not there maybe you were taught the same thing. As I was sitting there practicing my learned behavior I glanced at the sign the person was holding and it said, "Just smile." I looked like the fool. It is hard to unlearn some of the things we were taught. It is hard to go from a life that we are taught is all about "us" to a life that is not about "us." It is hard to unlearn control when we have had it all our lives. It is hard to give our money away when we are taught to build our own kingdom.

The road ahead is difficult. There is a lot we have to unlearn. Some of us are up for the task while others of us just will continue to coast. We will continue to look out for our own and preserve our way of life. My hope for those of us that desire to jump into the deep end that we will experience this beautiful blessing that God promises us.