Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: Remember Your Baptism

Do you remember when you were baptized? If not do your remember the story? My hope is that this Sunday we will remember our baptism not merely as a past event but a present reality that God by his Spirit is still reconciling, redeeming, and empowering us to do good.

This Sunday we will be reading Luke's gospel account of Jesus' baptism. Each January we reflect upon the Baptism of Jesus and our own baptism. 

This outward sign of baptism is beautiful representation of God's grace at work in our present. We are reminded of God's deep love for us. So much so that he forgives our sins and empowers us to live lives that matter. Lives that are committed to sowing good into this world. We are also reminded that we have God who has much invested in us. We have God that is well pleased with us and never disappointed. He is proud to call us his sons and daughters. 

So as we reflect this coming Sunday of our baptism we reflect on the moment and the story for which we are baptized into and we also reflect on the present truth that we received in that moment. 

Looking forward to diving deeper!