Wednesday, January 13, 2016

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: The BIG Five

Loyalty and commitment are two words that I think carry a lot of weight. They are not words that we should throw around licentiously but should really think deeply into what we are committing ourselves to. 

The same goes for the church. When you join the United Methodist church you are asked, "Will you be loyal to the United Methodist church by your prayers, presence, service, gifts, and witness?" Most people do say yes but I wonder do they know what they are saying YES too. You might be a member of the church now and this is the first time you have ever heard these words before! 

When you get married it is implied in the commitment that you will not have another spouse or partner if you would violate your commitment. In so doing you put your whole relationship at risk. Why is it not the same for the church? Or is that we just need to pay lip service to our commitments to Christ? 

My fear is that we have become tepid about our commitments to Jesus and the body of Christ. We are un-energized about our faith and would most likely rather spend our commitments elsewhere. Christians have become more in love with the idea of being a Christian than with the idea of actually seeking and living the life that Jesus has called us to follow. I am a firm believer that the church will be thriving in fifty years even in declining, struggling communities IF we are willing to be committed. If we are willing to be all in!

So each week we are going to park on one of these words. We want to ask ourselves where is it that God is calling us into deeper commitment? Where is God calling me to pray, use my gifts, serve someone, etc.? I have faith that God is calling us forward to a hopeful today and a beautiful future! Commitment is rarely easy... but it is always fruitful!

Looking forward!