Thursday, January 28, 2016

This Sunday at Locust Hill UMC: The BIG Five

When is the last time someone asked you, "How are you?" and they really meant it. When is the last time that you felt that someone was fully available to you? We all say we offer our presence to one another but do we really? In our fast pace, social media driven world we are less present to one another. 

This week we will be exploring the ministry of presence. Exploring what it means to be people that show up in the life of the church and also what it means to be fully present to others. 

God has offered his wonderful presence to us in our most glorious days and our darkest. He calls us to do the same. To be a people who ask "how are you?" and actually care to know  the status of one's heart not just to a friend but as much to a stranger. Isn't that what draws us near to God? We were lost and he found us. We were strangers and now he calls us friends. God call us to be people that are present. We will be diving deeper this Sunday in what it means to be committed to this ministry of presence. Looking forward! Hope you are present :)