Monday, January 4, 2016

Taking Hold of the Vision: Reflection on Epiphany Sunday

Every vision begins with imagination. If you made a resolution to eat better and exercise more the chances are you are able to see a "new" version of yourself. On Epiphany Sunday we read from the gospel of Matthew about the magi. The Magi saw a star and they had a vision for what lied under that star. Their imaginations were filled with wonder at the good that could come if they followed the star. 

We as a Christian people should have a vision for our future. A vision for the possibilities of good that rest in that future. The old has gone and the new has come. We have a vision that God's kingdom is come and is coming. God has called us to pursue that vision. 

I don't doubt for one moment that their are people who have a tremendous vision for what God could do in our community. We have visions that are good. Maybe it is to put a sign on the road, a mission project that helps our community, a new bible study, a tutoring program, vacation bible school etc,. Many of these good visions have found their resting place because of the obstacles that stood in their way. The naysayers who don't like change, who ask "what is in it for me?", it will cost US to much, it will fail, it is to risky. Because of these voices many of the good visions have fallen to the wayside. 

The magi's vision was not without risk and obstacles. They had a big one and his name was King Herod. He stood in their way. He saw Jesus not as good but as a threat to his kingdom. Yet the Magi proceeded and when they got to the house that the star was over they were overwhelmed with joy and they worshiped Jesus. Their journey was worth it. They were people of tremendous courage. 

I am really excited about what God has in store for us in 2016. I am excited about the visions we will all cast and I am excited to pursue those visions together. And to the naysayers out there (we all have one)... my hope for you is that you will get on board. Change and new ideas are scary! So we tend to be silent or resist new ideas and visions even to those who are closest to us. May I invite you despite the risk and the cost that you jump on board and that you CHOOSE to say yes to the vision that God has placed in someone. Together we may look back and celebrate the journey and the place that God is leading us toward.