Tuesday, December 8, 2015

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: Out of the Wilderness

This Sunday we will again be looking at the life and message of the man called John the Baptist who comes out of the wilderness. John gives us a sense of what this coming savior will demand of us. Yes God comes to forgive our sins but he also has the expectation that we will bear fruit in this life. This is not a message that we hear often during Advent. The people's response to John's call was in the form of a question "what should we do?" Last week we talked about that is out of the wilderness or the mess of life that God comes. It is in those moments of deep pain where we hear God's voice. John is that voice for us. Jesus'  call later in Luke to his disciples is a call to follow and be committed to him. It is a call to give our life to his cause. It is a call to bear fruit. It is a call to change. Christian's throw this word freedom around as if we are talking about anarchy but Christian commitment is obligation to recognize that our freedom operates within some distinctive bounds. John clarifies that with those among him. He says if you have two coats... that is to many. The call of the Christian is to give our abundance to those that do not have. Living this way takes intentionality and commitment. We as Christian's are people of the wilderness. People who are sustained by the living God. People who follow the teachings of Jesus. People whose call it is to live out what they received. The people that came to hear this message of forgiveness might have come to receive a blessing for that moment but what they received was a call to live a life that honored what they received. Looking forward to diving into deeper commitment to Jesus Christ this Sunday.