Wednesday, October 28, 2015

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: Knowledge that gives LIFE!

Christians know a lot of stuff. We know the apostles creed and the Lord's prayer. We know the two greatest commandments Love God and Love others. We know that we should forgive others. We know that we should love our enemies. We know that we should make disciples. These words come from the very mouth and life of Jesus. Yet do we do these things? Is this knowledge useful to us? Our brains our bloated with all these words but do they mean anything to us?

This Sunday we will be reading from the gospel of Mark. Jesus was asked a question by scribes. Scribes were smart people. They knew their stuff. They knew much more about scripture than you and I. They knew the law of Moses inside and out. They knew multiple languages and could write in those languages. Yet they used most of this knowledge to show themselves as better than others. They used it to justify the stoning of prostitutes. They used is to cast off the demonized. They used it to kill Jesus. 

They asked Jesus (trying to stump him) what was the greatest commandment. Jesus said to them to "Love God and to love others. Do this and you will live." A great reminder to all of us that knowledge is powerful and what we do with that knowledge has the possibility of oppressing others or giving life. 

This Sunday we will honor firemen and EMT workers at Locust Hill. I believe they are the epitome of what this means. They know their stuff. Stuff that will give the critically injured the possibility of life. The stuff they knows matters. They are a testimony to the words of Jesus. A reminder that the stuff we know as Jesus followers isn't just for our benefit but for the benefit of others. The knowledge we carry is life giving if we do what Jesus tell us to do.

This Sunday may we pause on what we know about Jesus and ask ourselves what do these words mean? Who is it that I need to forgive? Who is the neighbor that I need to love? Who are the disciples that God has called me to make? We can no longer cast off the knowledge we hold to the side because if we do... we are no different then those very smart scribes.