Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC- the Journey Towards Greatness

This Sunday we will be looking at Mark 10:35-45. James and John inquire of Jesus to see if they might possibly have a special place in his kingdom. Upon hearing this the disciples were upset that they would ask such a thing. I think the disciples were just mad because they asked what they were thinking. We are always thinking of how we might make a move and elevate our place. Maybe it is in the workplace. I will only be happy once I am the boss or I get that pay raise.

Jesus reminds us that there is no ladder to be climbed in his kingdom. In fact everything is downward. He uses some strong language to sell his point. In his kingdom you must become like a slave. Every bit of a slaves energy is used for the purpose of the master. Jesus didn't just speak the kingdom... he lived it. He poured out his life in service. The way by which we find true greatness is through service of one another. It is who we are created to be. This is not just in terms of service in the church. He wants all our energies wherever we might find ourselves to poured out and spent in our families, workplaces, the grocery store, etc. He strengthens this by saying that we must give our lives and he meant it.

The journey toward greatness is not climbing the ladder but it is getting our hands dirty and serving one another for the sake of the kingdom.

Looking forward to diving into this more Sunday!