Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: The Christian Family

This Sunday we will conclude our series on "the Christian Family". We have covered a lot of territory these past few weeks. We begin our journey from a place of brokenness. We recognize that we all need God's grace for this journey. Even saying that "our" family is broken is a challenging thing to say. God's grace frees us into this  place where we can begin cultivating the life that Jesus calls us too. This matters especially in our families because the greatest content of our Christian character will be revealed in our family. Some at our workplace, some at the grocery store, but the greatest reveal in within family. The type of faith we modeled will be seen in our children and will be carried to future generations. That is why these past few weeks it is so important that we begin to recognize places for which God's grace might move of us into being better followers of Jesus in the midst of our own families. This is different for each one of us...but none of us are without places of growth. Hope to see YOU and your family Sunday.