Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Series starting this Sunday "The Christian Family"

This Sunday both churches will be worshipping together at Bethel UMC at 9:30a. We will be starting a new series called "The Christian Family." We often times think of "the Christian family" as a family that has all their stuff together. It seems that the husband and wife get along. The children obey their parents. They are all faithful to their church and their seems to never be any strife. We recognize that we could never attain such a title for our own family.

Over the next few weeks we might discover that this stereotypical Christian family is a fa├žade and contrived. It is something we created. So we will be reimagining through the lenses of scripture for how it might enlighten us about what family means. We know it matters a lot but the reasons for which it matters might be different than what we might have first imagined.

This week we will look in-depth to this idea that all families are essentially "broken." Broken by sin and hurt. The stereotypical Christian family that we often see as perfect is just really good at hiding their issues in the shadows. What we might discover as we begin this series that all our families struggle with sin and brokenness. There is no wall high enough that we can build that will keep sin out. Knowing this as we begin the journey to rediscovering this so called Christian family we must realize that we all need a heaping dose of God's grace to sustain us for this significant journey.

Looking forward!