Thursday, July 9, 2015

This Sunday at Locust Hill UMC!

In most worship spaces you will find an object that takes up quite a bit of space in the chancel area (the area near the pulpit). What you will find is a table. This table is an important symbol for us as a Christian people. Jesus ate at the table with many types of people. He ate at the table with sinners, tax collectors, lepers, and pharisees. Not only did he eat with a wide breadth of people... he taught that the lowest places at the table is the holiest place. He demonstrates it in the most humbling of acts in washing his disciples feet in the gospel of John.

We know that when Jesus talks about the table... that he desires that his table be full. Not full of the deserving but the undeserving. Jesus says that we should go out and get the blind, the destitute, the lame, the outcast and bring them to the table. It is a table where not just some or the deserving but ALL are invited to THIS table. It is at this table that Jesus instituted Holy Communion. Calling us to consume the bread of life and to drink from the cup that was poured out for you and for many for the forgiveness of our sins.

We come to this table broken and tattered and we leave full and alive. This is the table that we as the Body of Christ are to offer to the world.

We get a glimpse at the table of Herod in our gospel lesson this Sunday. A table of the few. A table where only the limited power of Herod can only bring about death (it ends with the head of John the baptist on a platter). The question we will ask this Sunday is whose table are we eating at? Are we eating at the table of Christ? A table that fosters life and empowerment? Or the table of Herod where death reigns?

Looking forward to diving into this scripture this Sunday!