Thursday, June 25, 2015

This week at Locust Hill UMC!

This week we will be looking at Mark's gospel chapter 5 verses 21-43. In these passages Jesus encounters two different people who are in desperate need for Jesus to make them well. As we will see this Sunday Jesus does just that. The word in Greek for "well" also translates healed and saved. They weren't looking for a future healing... they were looking for a present healing, a present saving.

Paul uses this same word in Romans 10:9, "Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and you will be saved." You will be healed, you will be saved, you will be made well.

This passage in front of us is a reminder of a few things. First that we approach Jesus with radically different circumstances all in need of his profound power to be out poured among us. Second that Jesus does just that... he pours on us in ways that are far beyond what we need or could ever expect. Last salvation takes on something different than in how we view it today. We view salvation as a future securing of our salvation in heaven. Instead in this moment salvation was something tangible, it was present. Jesus says to the woman, "Go and be well."

When we are saved by the profound grace of Jesus Christ it isn't just in the future but it is present. I love this scripture because it reminds us of just that. Looking forward to diving deeper into these words before us.