Thursday, June 18, 2015

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC!

When we go through raging storms in life our first accusation typically goes to God. Why would God do this to me? Why would God put me through this? We carry with us as Christian's this myth that if we follow Jesus and do all the right Jesus things (go to church, put some money in the offering, serve some, pray, read scripture, etc.) that will excuse us from any future storms. This is a myth although widely carried is not one that is witnessed to in scriptures. What we see in scriptures is that those who follow Jesus actually seem to encounter more storms. Whether or not God causes storms or we or others cause them is up for debate. The truth still stands that regardless of our faith journey we will encounter them. 

What we will be talking about this week is how we react when times get tough. Storms are typically the times when we find out what we are really made of. Do we have the rock solid faith we proclaim when everything is going well or does it seem to crumble right under us when the storms come. 

The beautiful thing about the storms is that we have one that still calms the storm and speaks peace over the storms. Psalm 46 proclaims that God is our very present help in troubling times. James says that trials help form and solidfy our character. 

Storms are never fun but they do shape us in a way that can be intensely positive bringing about a witness that is beautiful and uplifting and witnesses to the beautiful presence that God is with us. Paul in his writings has such a beautiful testimony of what God has done in his life in the midst of the storm. Although he had seemingly lost everything in his Christian journey he recognized that he possessed everything. 

Storms are not the last word on our journey. They are defining moments and opportunities for God to do what he does best and for us to be formed and shaped to be witnesses of his present GOOD work! 

Looking forward to being and worshiping with you this Sunday,