Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC!

This Sunday we will be looking at two parables that Jesus taught. Parables are short stories with a point. Parables are one of Jesus' most popular teaching devices. They aim at engaging the mind and they get us thinking. Often times after Jesus would tell a parable his disciples would ask him later on, "What the heck were you saying?" As I prepare, pray, and read the Mark scriptures for this Sunday... I ask myself the very same question, "Jesus what are you saying!?"

Jesus begins both these parables in Mark 4:26-34 by saying the "Kingdom is..." He reawakens our imaginations to the reality of what the kingdom is. We remind ourselves of what the Kingdom is each and every week. We do this by reciting the Lord's prayer. We invite his Kingdom to come as it is in heaven as it is on earth... and thine be the power and the glory forever! In our communion ritual we proclaim "Christ has died, Christ has risen, Chris WILL come again!" In our apostle's creed we proclaim that we believe in the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting. These are big statements about the Kingdom!

Jesus relays this truth by way of the parable. God's kingdom is forever! This is our reality. Nothing can stand in its way neither our faithless and hopeless thoughts. There no government, country, evil, or community that can change this concrete reality. God's kingdom is coming, will come, and will reign!

I will take this to the bank! Looking forward to digging deeper into what this means for us as a community as we continue strengthen our faith in a wonderful, amazing, compassionate, eternal God!