Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC

This week we will be finishing up our series on 1 John. Deeply engrained in John's message is the consistent theme of embodying the life that Jesus lived. Jesus laid down his life for others and so should we. These are not hard words to swallow until we begin to think about what they mean for how we conduct our lives. Jesus laid down his life for all people. People who we might think didn't deserve his grace or his mercy. Yet he did and he calls us to do the same. We have people all around us who we seemingly think don't deserve our love. Coworkers, employees, family members, friends, ex husbands and wives, children, etc,.

We have been more convinced by our justifications not to lay down our life for others rather than the voice of the one who laid down his life for us. This voice often times gets lost in the cacophonous world of all the other voices around us. Sure it might seem better to retaliate against our enemy, street smarts to walk by the homeless, and to ignore the hurt that might surround us.

But the thing John emphasizes the most is that what identifies us as a Christian isn't the churches we belong but the lives that we lead. Looking forward to diving deeper into these words this Sunday.