Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This Sunday at Locust Hill UMC... YOU are called!

Many would agree that rooted and grounded in being a pastor is the calling. Rooted in the calling is a story for which God has chosen a way for that particular person to live into. We recognize that the "call" of a pastor is a gifted, specialized, and unique calling among the body of Christ. I know this very well since I am a pastor.

I agree and believe that the calling to be a pastor is a specialized calling that is unique among the body of Christ, but I do think it over shadows the everyday calling that each of us carry. It is not only the pastor that is "called"... we are all "called." Each of us has a story for which our calling arises. We all have gifts that make our place among the body of Christ special and unique. 

Many of us are timid about this. We might think that our ability to play the piano is just that, but maybe it is much more. Maybe it is the response to what God has fostered in us all along. 

This week we will be reading one of my favorite call stories in the bible... that of Isaiah. Isaiah is called amongst complicated, complex means. He is timid and doesn't quite feel he is up to the monumental task of being a prophet to some hard to love people. Eventually he comes to a place and says... here I am! 

This is not just words that a prophet or a pastor should proclaim. They should be words that we all come to embrace and profess. My hope is that this Sunday we will all come away saying for the first time and yet again, "Yes I am called! Here I am Lord, send me!"

See you Sunday @ Locust Hill 11a for combined worship.