Thursday, April 16, 2015

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC!

Hi Everyone!

We are starting a new five week series on 1 John. John is writing to the Christian community and establishing some of the basics of our Christian faith. The early Christian community was in a way trying to find themselves. They had voices all around them that spoke differing beliefs about who Jesus is and what that means for the Christian community. John affirms some of the fundamentals of our Christian faith to this community.

Although these words are thousands of years old... we none the less still struggle to get them. Sunday we will be talking about the basic, well known truth that we are children of God. Although many of us know this... what does it really mean for us? And why does it matter?

The God of the universe has made provisions so that we might be in relationship with Him. It is ours for the taking. It sounds simple. The truth is we treat God like he is distant. We treat God as if he is not big enough for our mess. We hoard our sins while at the same time revoke this beautiful act of grace. God wants to be your friend. God wants to be your father. God wants a relationship with you. Despite all your misgivings, misteps, sins... God wants to forgive your mess... so he can be with you.

See what love the Father has lavished on us that we may be called Children of God, for that is what we are!

Looking forward to opening our eyes yet again to this beautiful truth.