Thursday, April 23, 2015

This Sunday @ Locust Hill UMC: 1 John Week 2

We are in our second week in our series in 1 John. This week we will be diving into 1 John 3:16-24. Have you ever had someone turn the lights on after being in the dark for awhile? I am suspecting that even the dimmest of lights seemed bright as the sun! The temptation in these moments is to bury our heads so that we can be back in the darkness. In our readings this week John "turns on the light" so to speak. John sheds light on what is probably the most basic principle of our Christian life yet the most ignored.

John says those that hate their brother and sister are murderers. The word murderer in Greek translates into MURDERER! A people killer. He says if you hate your brother... you are no different than a murderer. He goes on to say that if you are a person of resources yet walk by those in need and have no pity... the love of God in you is questioned. John turns the lights on and is trying really hard to get our attention for what truly matters.

If it all works out and we have to give an account for our actions to Jesus... I sure hope Jesus has a lot of mercy. I mean a lot! When Jesus asks did you do what I told you to do? Yes I went to church and Sunday school each Sunday. Nope... I didn't say that. Tell me about the guy you hated that you wouldn't look at or speak to. I told you to love them but you never did. Well yes Jesus those are very complicated circumstances. What about the guy that you walked by that was in need? You judged them and refused to look them in the eyes. Yes Jesus well that is what you are supposed to do. I mean this person abused the system.

Here lies the problem. Jesus' calling to us is simple. Love the lovable and unlovable. John says that Jesus laid down his life for us we ought to do the same... now go do it. Yet we refuse to do or hear these words. So John says... listen you are no different than murderer if you don't love those for which you hate.

I hope John will help get us back to what truly matters and away from the things that easily entangles. See you Sunday!