Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stop Hunger Now @ Shady Grove UMC Sunday, April 26 @ 3p

Here is more information about Stop Hunger Now. Stop Hunger Now is a ministry based of North Carolina. We will be packaging dried food like rice and beans to go to much needed areas in the world.

In late-April, we will be sending out a container of food to Haiti, which could possibly carry some of the meals from your event.  This container will go to St. Andre’s School, which serves over 1,000 students, preschool age and up.  One of the supplies this particular partner is in need of is Powdered Milk.  While we would be happy to take powdered milk packages, it looks like we may be able to order in bulk from Costco and get more for your money.

Description:  Non-fat Powdered Milk, either Plain or Vitamin-enriched - no additives like protein or flavoring.

Your facilitator will be prepared to receive these gifts at your event.  If it’s money you’re providing for the purchase of powdered milk, we need to make sure that we notate that on our money envelope or event sheet! Thanks in advance for the consideration and for being part of our vision to end hunger!