Thursday, March 12, 2015

Who is Jesus? Week 2 @ Locust Hill UMC

We are in our second week in our series called "Who." We are asking the same question each week in light of gospel texts we are reading: "Who  is Jesus?" We most likely think that we should have this question figured out by now but we don't. God is constantly expanding our imaginations on "who he is" and we should be in constant awe and not pretend to have it all figured out. 

This week we are reading the story where Jesus gets angry and turns over the tables in the temples, chastises the money changers, and forms a whip to cast out livestock. Anger is typically not an emotion we assign to Jesus. Jesus is nice and he surely never gets angry. But that Jesus is a conjured up image we we have created. The truth is that Jesus does get angry and we will be exploring the depths of what makes Jesus feel such raw emotions because what we might discover is what is most important and sacred to our God.