Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Sunday! Redeeming Ruth!

We are in our final week in our series Redeeming Ruth. We have been talking about what this word Redeemed means for us as a Christian people. Most people might deduce this word to mean our sins being forgiven, but as we have looked at the life of Ruth it is much more. Redemption is a restoration of all that is lost. For Ruth this redemption of  her barrenness doesn't just have implications for her, but also for those around her and generations to come.

The Particulars:
We believe redemption is a restoration of all that is lost. We believe through the story of Ruth that full redemption is possible!

Redemption always takes risk, sacrifice, and obedience but also true we receive an abundance when we give more of ourselves to Jesus Christ.

God is bringing the outsiders in. We can't help but read Ruth and see this beautiful story of reconciliation and redemption take place between two very different people. It is a foreshadow of the ministry of Jesus and the life that he calls us too. Our redemption very much might be found in the strangest places.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!