Friday, February 27, 2015

This Sunday, March 8th! New series called WHO

During the rest of our Lenten season we will be reading the stories of Jesus as told by Mark and John. If we were honest we would confess that we make our big, expansive loving God into something small. When you read the gospels many from the Pharisees, the sinner, and the disciples would ask in awe or in accusation "Who is this man?" It is a question that we don't ask that much. Maybe because we are afraid, maybe because we think we have God "figured out", or maybe we were taught not to ask questions. 

This season of Lent we will ask the uncomfortable question of "Who is Jesus?". We will ask this question within the context of some of these uncomfortable gospel lessons.

Hopefully the weather will hold up so we can worship together. Looking forward to gathering yet again!