Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Redeeming Ruth Week 2

This is the second week in our series called Redeeming Ruth. We have been talking about what this word "redemption" means and in particular what does it means for our lives. Last we talked about that being redeemed means a willingness to leave the familiar and move into the realm of the unfamiliar. We are use to our sins and bad behaviors. Part of redemption is recognizing our sin and repenting from our sin.

This week we will be looking at the possibility that God is redeeming us right where we find ourselves. We might think redemption to be this cosmic, big bang thing that is going to happen. Instead what we might discover is that redemption happens in every day places. It happens in the workplace, the grocery stores, the gas station, the beauty shop. Ruth teaches us something quite profound. Redemption happens right in front of us...we just have to be willing to respond.

Looking forward. Hope to see you and your family soon.