Friday, November 14, 2014

Sunday, November 16th- Doing Much with Very Little

This Sunday we will be looking at the parable of the talents found in the gospel of Matthew chapter 25 verse 14-30. We will be looking at the idea that God can do much with very little.

We will look in particularly at the truth that

God cares much on how we spend and use our money. 

I know everyone loves money sermons. Especially me... I have heard some bad ones. I put preaching about money up there with preaching to youth about dating. It seems to be an all consuming topic that does not empowers us but instead stresses us out.

My hope for this Sunday is to be empowering and encouraging. My hope also is to help the body of Christ realize that not only does God want every one to be a giver but also for everyone to be financially healthy. Many of us might not be able to give much... but I hope we recognize that we serve a God that can do many things with very little.

Together we will celebrate this overarching truth this Sunday.