Monday, November 17, 2014

My visit with Lou today...

I was overjoyed with the opportunity to see Lou today and to spend some time with Barb. This was my first visit where I had eye contact with her. I am so honored and grateful that I get to be Lou's pastor. Even in her state she was so graceful, loving, and caring and her smile was a beautiful site to be seen. I got to hold her hand and pray for her. On my way out she blew me a kiss... melted my heart! Lou is a saint! Although I have been her pastor for just a few months... I can tell that her heart is so warm and loving.

I want us to continue praying harder and harder for Lou to pull through and to go above and beyond as a community of faith in supporting her. And that we would continue to pray with much fervor that in her words God will be with her all the way.