Tuesday, November 18, 2014

From Donna... report on Lou's progress

If I have left anyone out, please pass this on.   I am sure Kay will have a post later as I have advised her of the day I have spent with Lou and she has texted me that she is now at the hospital and things are still good.

When I arrived at 7:00 AM, doctors were removing the remaining staples from all of the surgeries.   Shortly thereafter, they turned off the suction from the tube that was placed between her ribs to her lung.   They advised that her lung looked great and they were so pleased but obviously will not take it out yet.   Lou  was having some pain in her stomach area and they decided to take an xray . . . no major problem and they are getting that taken care of now.   She is using her right hand/arm a lot even though her hand is swollen.   Left arm still in cast even though staples are out and legs still in boots, which she wanted me to take off.   That did not happen.  Respiratory kept coming in and advised they were going to try to take her off the ventilator and hook into her trach with a long tub (hooked also to moisture) so she could breath on her own.    She did it!!! They did this as I was planning to leave and she mouthed to me "Please don't leave me" and of course my heart melted so I was happy to stay on and happy to say she was still off the vent when I left 2 hours later and still off it when Kay arrived.   Lou was very anxious and panicky about this breathing on her own and I worked with her for those two hours and she got a good pattern down.  The therapist then worked with her on trying to talk . . . did not go perfect, but she was pleased with her overall progress.   She covered to hole so she could ask her a few questions, and she asked her what my name was and she told her, and I said tell her my last name, and she said that too!!  She is not able to leave this attachment on to talk until she masters the breathing but will be working with her on it daily.    The nurses informed me that all her vitals were good and that she was breathing 99% on her own.  They probably will put her back on ventilator so she can rest some maybe at night.

I am sure I am leaving something out but just this minute I have received another text from Kay and she is still off the ventilator so it has been well over 5 hours as of 5:40!

THANKS BE TO GOD!!   Keep praying Team Lou!  She has a long way to go but rest assured she will be back and full of wit.   We had a lot of good laughs today that I would not trade for anything. 

As each of you go to spend time with Lou Lou, please post so that everyone will be kept up to date.