Monday, November 24, 2014

Four Words of Advent:HOPE

The word advent comes from the Latin word “adventus” meaning coming. For us as Christians advent is a time of holy expectation as we eagerly await Christ’s birth and second coming. It is also the beginning of a new liturgical year. 

We begin the season of Advent by waiting, hoping, and expecting Christ’s coming yet again. This season of holy expectations comes in the midst of many “not yets” in our lives. Some of us might be wondering where our next paycheck will come from, if our sick family members will get better, or wondering how we are going to pay the bills. We all seem to have looming “not yets” with not many good answers.

We live in this tension of knowing what Christ can do for us, in us, and through us in the midst of many areas of our lives that seem undone. Advent is a time when we intentionally focus that in the midst of our “not yets”... Christ comes. When we feel that we can’t take it any longer... Christ comes.

 Many images might come to our minds as we think about this time of year. We might think of Christmas trees, Christmas lights, desserts, cold weather, Santa Claus, eggnog, family,
food, food, food and more food.

The image that God wants to solidify in our hearts is much more than these ephemeral things. God wants to solidify in our hearts that during the season Advent that every moment of our lives is pregnant with the possibility of hope. Hope in what we might not be able to see but hope none the less that God is coming in the midst of the undone and not yets we all have.