Monday, October 13, 2014

Worry less, PRAY MORE! Take away...

Yesterday I talked about the possibility that we might live in to a worry less, pray more life. This is definitely a challenge! I think about all the nights as a high schooler when my mom would stay up late, anxiously waiting for me to arrive home. Now I know why my curfew was always early! She wanted to sleep soundly.

 I'd imagine if my mom was to worry less that wouldn't translate in to her going to bed before I was home, safe, and sound. Instead it might just mean her staying up and praying more for her son who was out doing things like jumping off bridges with his friends. We have to learn this discipline of prayer in the midst of those trying times of worry.

There is an acronym called ACTS that I learned back in my baptist days. This is a good prayer to practice always but really good in the midst of those trying times.
 1. Adoration means to adore God. Praising God for his splendor, his awesomeness.
2. Confession means to recognize that we fall short. We recognize that our worries and problems are bigger than we are. We ask God to help us and sustain us.
3. Thanksgiving mean to hold on to the good. Find things to be thankful for. We recognize that God has the last word and not our problems. That is surely something to be grateful for.
4. Supplication means to present our request and needs to God. We recognize that God supplies all our needs.

 This is a beautiful prayer to practice each and every day. Hope it might be something you can take with you.

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 Blessings to you this week!